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Gifts For Travelers

Gifts For Travelers

Have someone in your life who's on the go a lot or planning a big trip in 2023? Here are a few ideas. Also, we use many of these every day. 

Follow Through Pants by us - you probably realized by now that each gift guide persona features a Youer piece. These pants are comfy for the plane, have large zippered pockets for passports and IDs, and you can wear then a heckuva lot before needing to wash them. They shove in a pack and come out looking great. Alicia and Mallory from team Youer wore them pretty much every day of a work trip to LA this spring - on the plane, to the factories, out to dinner, walking around the city, to the museum, then back again. 

Merino Wool Isostatic Top from Alpine Fit - we love a wool top for travel because it's naturally odor repellant, and hardly needs to be washed. After a long day on a plane, you're still fresh and clean! Alpine Fit's fabrics are super soft, plus they're made at their workshop in Anchorage Alaska.

Charger case - One single place for all of the cords you need when traveling. It is small enough that it keeps you from over packing but has enough space for all the essentials. 

Packing Cubes from Fishewear - keeps clothes organized so you don't grab dirty undies accidentally! These are a travel MUST. These feature fun fish art from another Alaska brand. 

Mini Travel Speaker from JBL - super small and slips onto a bag easily but also throws some decent sound! Great for when you want to listen to music in a new place but also if you need white noise to help you sleep at night. 

Cashmere Silk Scarf - This has so many uses when travelling - pillow (and putting over your eyes to darken the cabin light), blanket, scarf, shawl, hair wrap. Plus it's ethically and sustainably made.

Snacks from Kates Real Food - Nutrient dense, whole grain bars to keep your gut feeling good while you're on the move. These are great trail bars, plane bars or a tasty addition to the office kitchen.

Spotify Premium - if she's on the free version, treat her to an upgrade for $9.99/month. With premium, she can download playlists and podcasts to listen in airplane mode and build unlimited playlists for every mood of her trip. And no ads, we're over ads. 

Gifts For Dog Moms

Gifts For Dog Moms

Every gal at team Youer has a pup, so here are some of our favorites for you to snag for those in your life who love their furry partners.


Earned It Legging in Next Top Marble  – dog hair camouflage with giant pockets for treats, poop bags, leashes


Xtratuf Deck Boot – the perfect slip on boot for walks, potty breaks and training sessions – no matter the season.


Molly Mutt Dog Bed – a sustainable, washable, 100% cotton canvas dog bed duvet that can be stuffed with old linens, clothes or pillows. Pups love ‘em and the planet will thank you!


West Paw Toppl Treat Toy – Made with zero-waste and recyclable Zogoflex material in Bozeman, MT the Toppl from West Paw will keep pups occupied while the dog mom in your life enjoys some “me” time.


Mtn Straps Dog Leash – A fun stocking stuffer to replace that boring old leash! Made in Bozeman, MT featuring rad designs from different artists. Bonus: this one was designed by one of our customers, Heather Rapp!


Dooloop Poop Bag Holder – a hands-free dog poop bag holder because let’s face it – no one likes carrying around poop bags. Made in Maine with flexible, recycled (and recyclable!) plastic.


Hunter Bay Powder Hound Coffee – for the dog mom who needs a little pick-me-up! This Lolo, MT based roasters has exactly what you need to keep her caffeinated so she can power through those 6am walks.


Gifts For Curious Culinarians

Gifts For Curious Culinarians

Food is always the way to the heart, truly can’t go wrong with it. Whether there’s a foodie on your list who knows her way around a kitchen, or you’re shopping for someone who’s exploring cooking as a new hobby, here’s a fun selection of food-themed gifts.


In Reach Pullover in Sweet – a color named after food seems fitting. This no-fuss, easy-to-clean top is a perfect layer for cooking up a storm (and a sweat!) and marinara + flour wash right out.


Evolutions In Bread written by Ken Forkish – Now that everyone and their cat is a sourdough enthusiast, take it a step deeper with this elaboration on pan breads and Dutch oven loaves. Available at most of your local booksellers.


 Fruit Variety Box from Miami Fruit – a box of tropical in-season fruits, that you probably can’t buy in your grocery store, is an exciting gift for the whole family really. Spend Christmas morning tasting things like cacao, soursop and lychee.


Danish Dough Hook from Ballerina Farm – a must-have if you’re even remotely considering making bread. The genius shape keeps dough from sticking while thoroughly mixing. This one is offered by a lovely family-owned business that you absolutely must go follow on Instagram (thank us later)


Granola Butter from OatHaus – truly any flavor is divine. Spreadable oat butter, that’s nut-free, dairy free, gluten free and woman-owned! We have at least a couple jars of this in the work pantry at any time.


Cheesemaking Kit – this gift delivers twice – make the cheese, then eat the cheese. What’s not to love about that?!

Gifts for Gym Girls

Gifts for Gym Girls

Here are our top picks for the gal in your life who loves to move her body. With gifts starting at $15, we've got pretty much every budget covered!


Chill Set from Youer (hey that’s us!) – Whether it’s keeping her cozy on her way to and from her favorite fitness studio, or watching a movie with a glass of wine on the couch, this set delivers COMFORT & JOY. It’s a splurge, but buy a top and bottom and same 10% off the set

Chocolate Kettlebells from ChoconChoc – honestly, the best kind of kettlebell. Takes up no space and everyone can lift it.


Eve Sock from Tough Cutie – a comfy durable sock that can handle a hike or a HIIT class. Woman owned (by a rad gal, her name is Brittany!) and made by women in the USA.


Jasmine Hydrating Mist from Ranavat – a delightful naturally scented pick-me-up for the gal who works out before work, this travel size will fit in her gym back or center console. This woman-owned brand uses traditional Ayurvedic ingredients to craft truly luxurious skin care, but this travel size is just the right price to slip into a stocking.


½ Gallon Stainless Steel Jug from Hydrojug – for the friend who’s always “just getting my 100 oz in”, this epically sized water bottle will get her 64oz closer to her daily goal. It comes in fun colors, plus it’s pretty impossible to lose.


Starter Jumprope Set from Crossrope – a ‘pack in your bag’ workout that you can take anywhere, this weighted jumprope set brings back the joy and humility of childhood fun.


Spin Classes from your local studio – A single class or a class pack to a group fitness or spin studio is a fun gift she can use on her own time. If you live in Missoula, we highly recommend Sobba Cycle for your gifting.