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Here's founder Mallory Ottariano with the story of how it started...

 "I come from a hugely creative family, so there's always been some semblance of art in my life. When I was really young, I wanted to be an artist "when I grew up" - whatever that meant to me. Later, I pursued music and classical violin became my life path. However, when college applications came back and I had gotten in to both my top choice music school and my top choice art school, I chose the latter, ending up with a degree in architecture. Clothing as a form of self expression has ALWAYS been part of my identity - ask anyone I went to high school with - and I learned to sew when I was young, alongside my mom who would let me help as she  made halloween costumes and party dresses.

2012, Post grad, my job didn't fuel my creative needs. Etsy was taking off in a real way so I bought a serger for $100 on Ebay and set up "shop" in my parent's basement storage closet in Massachusetts. Glamorous beginnings. I made and sold a variety of funky and colorful clothing from recycled thrift store finds. This type of fabric sourcing allowed me to make things that were 100% unique, coming up with my own fabric combinations that weren't available on a fabric store shelf. In 2015 I launched Kind Apparel and fused my love of unique clothing with my love of the outdoors, bringing the color and whimsy of casual fashion into the active lives of mountain-town women. We're now a small team based in Missoula Montana and, although we've grown beyond upcycled fabric days, we still keep the environmental component of our company strong through using fabrics made from recycled plastics and domestic production." 

How it's Made

Quality is important to us. Our products are designed for life and intended to hold up to the responsibilities and adventures it poses, so our material choice is important. But so is the environment we play in. That's why all our fabrics are made from recycled plastics and printed with non-toxic inks. We love the way this fabric feels, wears and holds up over time. It's unbelievably flexible and durable.

 The wild and vibrant patterns on our fabrics are completely unique to our brand. They are pieces of artwork that we create in-house, starting as sketches and ending up on your body!

Our products are designed and made in Missoula, Montana with fabric printing and cutting in Arizona so we are an entirely 'Made in the USA' brand