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These fierce women rep our brand and stand for the ideals and values we hold close.
They inspire us with their tenacity, adeptness and grace

Bre Mirynech
Banff, Alberta - Canada

Occupation: I am on a one year leave from being a Supervisor/Head Lifeguard at the Banff Upper Hot Springs, so I can travel!

Current Location: Sunshine Coast, Australia

Dream job: Working with women with low self esteem, poor mental health, etc., in the outdoors. I believe outdoor activities give you so much confidence and test you and reveal your potential. The skills your learn are so important and really show you what you are capable of. I’d love to help others by showing them this.

New thing she tried recently: Going in the ocean! HA! May seem silly but the ocean terrifies me. I am slowly conquering the fear and now go to my hips haha.

A recent risk she took: Taking a year off to travel. Financially, a massive risk. I am pretty well broke, but life has a funny way of working itself out and its definitely proving to be working.

Becca Bauer
Boone, North Carolina - USA

Occupation: I'm a seasonal employee working as a ski lift operator in Utah and bike guide in Alaska. I'm also the co-host and producer of the Carbon Spectrum podcast.

Current location:
Salt Lake City, Utah

Secret Weapon/skill:
I can pick up a lot of things with my feet.

Advice to her future self:
Remember to keep yourself motivated, challenged, and happy. Try and continue to keep things in your life that don't make you want to run away. Explore this beautiful world, be kind to humans and our planet, and keep fighting for the things you care about. Passion is important.

What does the world need more of?
Kindness, concern for others and our planet, passionate people, and women car mechanics. 

Jill Demers
Missoula, Montana - USA

Occupation: Health Educator, Advocate and Entrepreneur

Hometown: Rochester, NH

What sets her heart on fire?Watching my kids crush it

What does the world need more of? People who do what they say they're going to do

Secret Weapon/skill: Kitchen Wizard (I can take a fridge full of 'nothing to eat' and make a 5 star restaurant meal that's GF, Vegan, and delicious!)

Advice to her younger self: Wear a cape more frequently

Perfection or….? Keep trying

What new thing did she try recently? Eating Meat

2019 has her most excited about…. Surfing and yoga in Central America 

Shawna Paoli
Glacier, Washington - USA

Occupation: Just starting my commercial fishing career! But I’ve been serving and bartending around my snowboard schedule for years.

Hometown: Wausau, Wisconsin

Dream Job: Right now it's to become a splitboard and heli ski guide, paired with another one that allows me to be free the rest of winter to snowboard often.

Advice to her future self: Cross oceans for people, even if they won’t walk through puddles for you- keep loving. Be playful. Do not let fear rule you. See the good in all things. It’s never too late to try something new. Don’t take your health for granted. Youth is hiding in the things that bring you joy. Always keep hope. Tomorrow is still not promised.

Favorite Snack: Dried mangoes, cheese puffs and any flavor of soft chewing licorice besides black

What does she have no patience for? Big egos, black licorice, fashion over function, mean cats

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